Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is extremely important to the lawyers at GM Law Firm LLC.  Charitable works and an attitude of unselfishness is what allows us to improve the world we live in.  It is important to us that we share the blessings that we have received with those who need it most.

  • Chantel Grant mentored a girl through Big Brother Big Sister in Minneapolis, for 3 years. Her name was Jazzy and Chantel Grant helped bring her grades up, made sure she had clothes, and other necessities. Chantel helped to support her family by buying groceries, school supplies, and even a pet hermit crab. Her family had no money, so Chantel made sure they were taken care of, even when Chantel was a poor college student.
  • Chantel Grant donates to: Milagro, Bird Garden of Naples, Rickie’s Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary of South Florida, Duck Haven in Margate, Animal Friends Project, Inc., South Florida Wildlife Center, Feeding South Florida, Victory Church, as well as other churches.
  • Chantel Grant is a member of the Florida Bar Animal Law Section
  • Chantel Grant volunteered at Palm Beach Legal Aid for nearly a year helping women and children who were unable to pay for legal representation and helped assist those who might be facing a lawsuit.  Chantel Grant continues to provide help and mentor people people in economically disadvantaged situations who may face unfair debt or a debt relatd lawsuit.
  • Chantel Grant volunteered at the Gun Club Jail, in the intake section, and tried to mentor the inmates, while studying for the Bar.
  • Chantel Grant volunteered at the Saint Thomas University “Goal Youth Soccer Camp” where they had camps for at risk youth, and taught them to play, as well as how to build their future.
  • Chantel Grant volunteered at the 2007 Super Bowl.
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