Credit Card Debt


Know your options, then take action to free yourself of credit card debt.

GM Law Firm, LLC. Credit Card DebtThe lawyers at GM Law Firm, LLC speak with folks every day who have, for one reason or many reasons, found themselves with enormous credit card debt. The burden becomes overwhelming, often dominating an individual’s or family’s life.

How can you end the cycle? An experienced credit card debt attorney can help you explore your options to fight credit card debt and figure out what to do with no pressure and no blame.

One way to get rid of credit card debt is to pay it off, but when you can only afford monthly minimum payments, it can take decades to pay off the debt.

Some people choose to file for bankruptcy in order to erase credit card debt. For those who qualify for Chapter 7 and who do not have concerns about the public nature of bankruptcy, it can be the right choice. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can take up to five years before being debt-free, and the effects of bankruptcy last even longer.

Many people are opting to consolidate their debts – putting them all into one package with one monthly payment. That will not lower the amount owed, and it does not stop credit card companies from filing lawsuits.

At GM Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers review each contract in order determine what your responsibilities, and rights, are, and then negotiate with creditors to lower the amount of your debt and then pay it off with a monthly payment that fits your ability to pay. In many instances, misrepresentations were made and financial institutions have serious problems providing admissible evidence relating to business summaries created by third party merchants. Furthermore, during the process of validating said debt creditors violate numerous federal consumer statutes in which our main goal is to uphold the clients consumer rights.

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