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Are you overwhelmed by debt? No matter how careful you are with finances, life circumstances can lead you to a place of substantial financial trouble. If you find yourself in debt and are harassed by aggressive debt collectors, our experienced attorneys from the GM Law Firm, LLC can provide you with options for debt defense. We offer free case evaluations to discuss your case and determine the most appropriate route to take.
GM Law Firm, LLC helps people who have found themselves in difficult financial situations due to taking on too much debt, the reasons for which may include the loss of employment, personal or medical emergencies, divorce, declining home values, small business failures, natural disasters, or other challenging economic situations. As attorneys with significant experience in consumer protection, consumer law, and debt resolution


You will not benefit from ignoring the situation.

Whether you are the defendant in a collection lawsuit or the target of aggressive debt collectors, you will not benefit from ignoring the situation. By failing to meet deadlines, you can face a default judgment, which means that the debt collector will automatically win. We offer a variety of debt defense options that you can potentially benefit from with the help of our experienced attorneys. We have a strong understanding of debtor laws and can use this understanding to keep debt collection efforts from turning into major lawsuits.
  • Unsecured Credit Card Debt
  • Consumer Debt
  • Medical Debt
  • Private Student Loans
  • Repossessions
  • Payday Loans
  • Debt related to Evictions
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“The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law enacted for the regulation of debt collectors and the protection of consumers. The FDCPA sets the ground rules for interactions between debt collectors and the parties from whom they are seeking a debt. The attorneys at GM Law Firm, LLC utilize the provisions of the FDCPA to ensure and enforce your rights.” Continue Reading…

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